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1ST Generation Rich

A different path to growing real wealth
Don't spend another day building someone elses dream. Start building your own.
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“You have one life that only you can live. You have the freedom to make it great or mess it up.”
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My Story

Mark J. Migliaccio was placed into a special education program in the second grade due to a learning disability and remained in the program until he graduated. He went on to go to college but dropped out before working a series of dead-end, minimum wage jobs. Then he remembered his best friend’s dad only had a third-grade education and was a very successful businessman and real estate investor, which inspired him to pursue a path of wealth not taught in public schools.
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“Never accept mediocrity as being great”

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Business Owner Makes It Big and Teaches Other Entrepreneurs How to Achieve Financial Success in New Book

“1st Generation Rich” by Mark J. Migliaccio teaches aspiring entrepreneurs to create financial success, find fulfillment in their work and more in new book


“It's doing something that excites you that
makes Mondays feel more like Fridays.”

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